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Casacolonica Wayanad

Sita Temple

Temple of godess Seetha. Temple is beautiful but not much of attracting place. Temple is very well maintained . People around this place are very friendly and helpful. This place gives us a peace of mind and relief our stress.

Casacolonica Wayanad

Kuruva island

The Kuruva islands are a group of three islands located in the middle of one of the tributaries of the east-flowing river Kabani. This 950-acre tract of uninhabited land is rich in flora and fauna. This island is isolated but an array of uncommon species of birds; herbs and orchids are the monarchs of Kuruva Island. It is a must see destination for nature lovers and a popular picnic spot. A perfect destination for those want to have a lazy walk through the shoreline of a river.

Its unique geographical characteristics make it a place where not only the leaves but also silence is evergreen being away from cities and thus it has become a place of attraction. Most recently, tourists drawn from all over the globe have identified it as the most visited place in the district. Kuruva comprises of more than 150 small islands and two fresh water ponds.

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Tribal Dance at Wayanad

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Kuruva Islands

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